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Bahrain's Uprising

Bahrain's Uprising

The Centre for Academic Shia Studies is pleased to be hosting its next book signing seminar with Ala'a Shehabi and Marc Owen Jones on their latest book titled "Bahrain's Uprising".

As we observed the 5th anniversary of the uprising in Bahrain last month, CASS will be hosting Ala'a Shehabi and Marc Owen Jones for its third seminar of the 2016 Seminar Series, to be held on Monday 21 March 2016 at 18:30, to discuss their book on the 14 February uprising in Bahrain and the developments since.

While the revolutions known as the Arab Spring took place across many nations, attention has been disproportionately focused on the North African nations—Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia—while the quieter revolution in Bahrain has been largely ignored. Bahrain’s Uprising rights that wrong, bringing together a roster of knowledgeable contributors—all of whom live or have lived in Bahrain—to reveal the social and political background to the revolution and its ongoing aftermath.

Painting a picture of a nation defined by oil wealth and deep inequality, Bahrain's Uprising offers a voice for the ordinary citizen, telling the story of the uprising and taking readers into the dynamic culture of street protests that continue to put pressure on the slowly changing monarchy. Bahrain's Uprising will be an invaluable contribution to our understanding not just of Bahrain, but of the Arab Spring and grass-roots democratic movements in general.

Ala'a is a British-born economics lecturer, activist and writer in Bahrain. She has a PhD from Imperial College London, is a former policy analyst at Rand Europe. Her husband is a political prisoner in Bahrain.

Marc is a PhD candidate at Durham University studying political repression in Bahrain. He is also a blogger, researcher, and member of the advocacy group Bahrain Watch.

Venue: Al-Khoei Foundation, Chevening Road, London NW6 6TN

Date: 21/03/2016

Time: 18:30

Places are limited. To register please send your name and affiliation to events@shiaresearch.com by Friday 18 March.