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The Centre for Academic Shi'a Studies in conjunction with Al-Khoei Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of Al-Khoei Islamic Library for public use. The Library currently holds over 20,000 volumes overing a diverse range of areas related to Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies in Arabic, English and Persian. The Library welcomes all researchers, students, journalists, and any persons interested in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies; the library is located in a quiet residential area with Imam Khoei Islamic Centre adjacent to its building. Parking spaces are available for visitors upon request.



Services and facilities include:

- Free Wi-Fi internet access

- Quiet study area for students

- Periodicals and academic journals (Arabic and English)

- Monthly subscriptions

- Scanning and photocopying facilities

- Manuscripts unit



Opening times:

Monday-Thursday: 10am to 4pm

Friday: 9am to 4pm

Saturday: 12pm to 1pm (fortnightly)

Sunday: Closed