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Our Goal

The Centre for Academic Shi’a Studies was established in 2009 with the aim of promoting original, contemporary, and impartial scholarship on Shi’a Islam and Muslims. The Centre also endeavours to establish itself as a consultative body that offers analytical frameworks for a number of bodies and organisations, ranging from NGOs, media outlets, academic researchers, journalists, to governmental bodies.

Aims and Objectives:

1. To promote scholarly activities and studies on Shi’a Muslims and Shi’a Islam based on methodologies in contemporary social sciences;

2. To assist aspiring Shi’a academics, and/or researchers working on Shi’a Islamic studies;

3. To introduce contemporary academic discourses on Shi’a Islamic studies to the wider intellectual community in the UK;

4. To empower aspiring academics working on Shi’a Islamic studies;

5. To set up a consultative body on Shi’a Affairs for various governmental and non-governmental departments in the UK;

6. To inform social policy in the UK on Shi’a Affairs;

7. To commission ethnographic and sociological studies on Shi’a demographics in the UK and elsewhere in Europe;

8. To inform Media outlets on Shi’a Islam and Shi'a Affairs;

9. To design crash courses for professional and non-professional persons and/or bodies interested in Shi’a Islam;

10.To publish a quarterly peer-reviewed journal of Islamic Shi’a Studies;

11.To facilitate study circles for the Shi’a community in the UK and informed persons interested in Shi’a Islam for the purpose of advancing dialogue and ideas amongst the younger generation.